Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies

Originally from the United States and featuring the friendly basset hound, Hush Puppies has been present on the world market since 1958. Hush Puppies shoes, advocating comfort and quality, are known to fit young and old. Today, the brand continues to innovate, bringing excellence, technique and style to its different models.

Manexco manages the creation and marketing of the collections in Belgium and Luxembourg since 1994. Thanks to this fabulous collaboration, in 20 years, the annual sales of Hush Puppies have increased from 5000 to 450 000 pairs!

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Be Comfy.

Hush Puppies was founded in 1958, at a time when uncomfortable dress shoes were your only choice of footwear – even on weekends. When we said we invented casual fashion, we weren’t kidding. We set out to find a solution to sore feet, otherwise known as “Hush puppeis. By introducing the world to casual footwear and a more relaxed lifestyle, we created the comfortable shoe.

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Be Bright.

In the 50s and 60s, black and brown were the only colors available for shoes. We introduced colorful rainbow suedes into the mix, bringing a new medium to feet around the world. In the 90s, we revived these classic styles and introduced a line of inspired colors, including Day-Glo green and Pepto Bismol pink. We continue to experiment with color and self-expression and are constantly looking for something new.

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Be Bold.

Hush Puppies are part of America’s fashion history. Our shoes have been worn by celebrities and icons ranging from rock stars to royalty. It’s been reported that Hush Puppies saved the life of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards when he accidentally touched his guitar to an ungrounded microphone at a concert in 1965 – so basically, we (may) have saved rock and roll.

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