Giulia is made from a range of timeless shoes in wide variety of colors: pumps, moccasins, ballerinas or boots, there is something for everyone! Thanks to this brand created in 2016, it is possible to wear feminine and elegant shoes in about forty different colors.

Another unparalleled innovation, Manexco allows customers to try on the shoe directly in store and then choose a color thanks to the Giulia color chart available on site. Manexco takes care of stocking all models in all sizes for retailers and distributors, so they don’t have to carry too many shoes, and is committed to delivering in Belgium within 48 hours.

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Add colors to your Style

Iconic design, perfect shape and colors to match your everyday outfits.

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More than 50 colors

Giulia, it’s elegant models first. A pump of 5 or 8 cm ensuring comfort to all stiletto addicts, a boot, a ballerina, a moccasin or a bag well made with a pure and timeless design.

Giulia’s are made in Spain and are available in more than 50 bright and exceptional colors: from the intense and iconic red to the trendy nude, passing by a refreshing

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Zero risk of Stock

At Giulia we see things differently: we buy, we stock and we prepare orders for you on demand. With Giulia in your stores, you don’t have to worry about trendy colors, stock or sales. Manexco takes care of everything

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A unique Display

The display is delivered with your first order. Therefore, even if you have only one color in stock, you can still sell all of them. It has been designed to optimize the selling space to the maximum. Most importantly, it allows you, as a retailer, to send a message: “This store has all the colors you need”.

The Giulia's collection